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Free Music Download Sites

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Looking for free music download sites? This question surfaces the internet and most of the people are looking for the best free music download sites. In this article, we will list out the best sites to download free MP3 songs.

There are many websites which allow you to listen to free mp3 songs, but most of them require premium membership for downloading mp3 songs.

You can ask for a free trial of the premium membership from these websites. But after completion of the free trial, you have to purchase the premium membership.

Torrents websites are also used for downloading free mp3 songs. But most of the torrent websites are either shut down or blocked by ISP providers.

Torrent websites like Pirate Bay, Torrentz, RARBG, and Kickass torrents we also shut down. No doubt officially they are shut down but unofficially they are still running with proxy sites.

If you are fond of the torrent website then we have the list of proxy sites to provide access to these best torrent sites.

You will find tons of website over the internet offering free mp3 songs download. But most of them are either spam or force you to download malicious software along with mp3 songs.

Here we have the list of best free music download sites that offers your only clean music to enjoy it in your personal space. If you want to start your own free mp3 download site then you can try any script from these websites offering free clone music download website script.

So without wasting time let’s check out the list of best free music download sites.

Top Free Music Download Sites

The list of websites we will be discussing today offers absolutely free music downloads. You can download the latest songs in mp3 format and few of them offers to download in other formats too.

The best part of these websites is that you can download free mp3 songs for mobile also. If you face any difficulty in downloading music from these sites then you can leave a comment and we will definitely help you download your favorite music for free.

Let’s go to best free MP3/MP4 download sites…

We are not providing the total number of sites we are providing in this article as we regularly update this article and we might add or delete certain music downloading websites. Let’s go…

1. MP3Juicesmp3juices-free-mp3-songs download

Mp3Juices is a popular and free mp3 download site. The website is very easy to use, you have to Just type in your search query, choose the sources you would like to search on and click the search button.

The search will take only a short while (if you select all sources it may take a bit longer). As soon as the search is over the relevant result will be displayed for download.

Alternatively, you can also paste in a video URL from youtube and click the search button to convert a video’s audio into an mp3.

Once you click the search button the conversion of the video will start. As soon as it is ready you will be able to download the converted file.

The mp3 songs download from mp3juices is absolutely free and it is among the best free music download sites.

2. SongsPKsongspk-best-free-music-download-sites

  • Website: Songspk3.guru
  • Membership: Free
  • Language: All

SongsPK is again a very famous free mp3 songs download site. The best part of the website is that it supports downloading free mp3 songs for mobile also.

It supports downloading the songs in almost all languages. They are among the first websites on which the mp3 songs are available for downloading.

Most of the time the website is under controversy due to supporting piracy. Most of Songspk 2018 URL’s have been blocked by ISP providers.

However, whenever the website is blocked by ISP, the webmasters of the website makes it available on some alternate link.

Songspk also has their proxy server link which is updated regularly. Latest Songspk proxy server link.

If you are really interested in downloading the songs whenever it is available on the internet then Songspk is among the best free music download sites.

3. MP3Skullmp3skull-free-mp3-download

MP3Skull is a search engine for free mp3 songs download. They are offering a popular internet based search platform for everybody, from large businesses to individuals, who are interested in mp3 files.

The platform allowed its users to search for mp3 files around the web. Through MP3Skull, users were able to find and download mp3 files from several sources at once.

MP3Skull and search services of this kind have important and substantial non-infringing uses.

For example, an individual user may use this search engine to find free music for his vacation photos to share them in a video with all participants.

4. Free Music Downloadsfreemusicdownload-site

Freemusicdownload.world is again a popular free mp3 search engine. You can simply type your song name or youtube URL and search for it.

They will carry out the extensive search over the internet and youtube and display you the relevant result. You can simply listen to the song or watch video online on their website or download it for free.

Additionally, they offer absolutely free mp3 songs download and user can also create their own playlist and save it for the next visit.

They allow you to download all types of music like pop, jazz, country, hip-hop, and more. You can also search the music with the artist also. It is among the best music download sites to download the latest mp3 songs for free.

5. MP3-Tunesmp3-tunes-free-mp3-download

Mp3Tunes is again a popular mp3 search engine and free mp3 download site. The website allows you to search the mp3 songs with their name and alternatively you can paste the youtube URL also to download the song.

The website allows you to convert the youtube songs into the mp3 and mp4 format for downloading. All you have to do is just go to the mp3/mp4 converter page and paste the youtube song URL. the website will automatically convert the song into mp3 or mp4 format for downloading.

The usage of the website is completely free and you don’t require to do any registration on the website. Mp3tunes is a great alternative to download free mp3 songs.

6. BeeMP3sbeemp3s-free-mp3-download

BeeMP3s is again a most popular free music download site. It is basically a free music search engine showing the music search result from various sources over the internet.

Downloading music from their website is very easy and you can download free mp3 songs easily.

The detailed procedure to download music from BeeMP3 is given below.

How To Download Free MP3 Songs

  1. Enter the mp3 download name in the input field above
  2. Click the “Search MP3” button next to it
  3. Choose your wanted result
    If your wanted result is not in the list you need to redefine your search and start the process again
  4. Click on the download button to start the download process

7. Jamendojamendo-free-songs-download

Jamendo is a great platform for music lovers to upload and download music. Yes, Jamendo allows artists to upload their music and also sell it online to their listeners.

You can also find the free music for downloading. Their powerful music search engine helps you to search your favorite music in seconds and also provide you the download link for free download.

The artist can select if they want to offer to download their music free of cost or they want to charge for it.

The website is not like a typically mp3 search engine and restricted to their registered users. The music available on the website is after seeking permissions from their artists.

Jamendo mostly deals with Hollywood songs, but it is the best free Hollywood music download site.

8. My-Free-MP3myfreemp3-music-search-engine

MYFREEMP3 makes the process of downloading music as comfortable as possible. You can download mp3 free as a separate song and download a music collection of any artist, which of course will save a lot of time.

The website is not a youtube converter and has the biggest music archive to download from. All the music search result displayed by the website are matched with your query.

Portal MY FREE MP3 is a huge media library and of course a lot of English Songs, covering the music of different genres and time range.

You can find free music in a few seconds. It is enough only to enter the name or creative pseudonym of the musician or the collective in the search string.

Before downloading, you can listen to the melody and, making sure that this is the one you were looking for, mp3 download to any device.

Final Words

There are tons of websites available to download free mp3 songs. The website mentioned in this article are the among the best. We regularly update this list and add or delete websites.

But my favorite website to download free mp3 songs is freemusicdownload.in, You should always try to download the songs from a trusted website to protect your privacy.

You might download malware along with the songs if you are not downloading from the trusted mp3 sources.

If you have come across any trusted mp3 downloading website then do share with us in the comment section and we will update it to the list.

In the end, I would like to say HAPPY MP3 DOWNLOADING!!!

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