7 Best Content Promotion Strategies by Experts in 2021


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Producing good-quality content on a regular basis can help improve your rankings in search engines. However, you’re not the only one trying to do this. If you want to stand out from the crowd in a world that’s overwhelmed with information, you need to have a solid content promotion strategy.

It’s all about making sure that your well-written pieces reach your target audience. Otherwise, all your efforts go to waste. Advertising agencies in Miami can help you develop content promotion strategies that will work best for your company. You can also try out these ten best content promotion strategies according to experts.

7 Content Promotion Strategies to Try

1. Send New Content Regularly to Your Email Subscribers

One of the best things you can do for your business is to create an email list. In this list are the people who permitted you to send promos, updates, and newsletters from your business.

It means that they’re genuinely interested in your brand, its products, and what you have to offer.

So, it’s just reasonable that you announce the best stuff to them first via email! Not only will this make them feel special, but it will also help build a lasting relationship with your target audience. They’re also the people who will most likely share and spread the word about your content.

Make it a priority to grow your email list so that you can expand your audience reach. 

2. Use Multiple Channels

To boost your audience reach, post your content on multiple social media channels. At the same time, tailor your content based on your target audience’s preferences and platforms.

For example, you can use Instagram stories to post behind-the-scenes of your office, meetings, and events. You can also create a short tutorial on how to use your product and post it on TikTok. You can also use Pinterest to showcase your blog post and drive traffic to your website.

Using multiple channels will allow you to reach your target audience on different platforms.

3. Share Your Content More than Once on Social Media

You might think that sharing a single content multiple times is annoying. But when done strategically, it can double the traffic to your blog.

You need to understand that not all of your target audience is active on social media and other platforms simultaneously. That’s why you need to share your post more than once a week or even in a month.

Sharing once can get your content in front of a hundred viewers, who may potentially share it with a hundred of their followers—but sharing more than once will allow your content to reach more people.

4. Use Content Syndication

Content syndication is all about making use of existing content by republishing it on other sites. Doing this will allow you to reach a new audience and boost your brand awareness.

It will also build links and drive traffic to your original content. It’s also a great way to provide value to websites you believe in. Try pitching your best blog posts to other blogs in case they want to republish.

Here are some tips on how to syndicate content:

  • Establish yourself as a great writer by guest posting
  • Look for sites that are open to content syndication
  • SEO-proof the syndicated content by telling Google where the original content is
  • Improve the content on your site

If you feel like this is too much for you to do alone, you can tap into Miami advertising agencies to help you develop compelling content promotion strategies.

5. Repurpose Your Content

Aside from content syndication, there are many other ways to repurpose your content.

For example, conduct a tutorial via Facebook Live. But before doing this, plug your activity first into your followers. Create a pre-hype by telling them to tune in to your Facebook Live for exciting prizes and giveaways.

During your Facebook Live, encourage your viewers to like, comment, and share. After this, download your Facebook Live and post it on YouTube. Make sure to use a catchy title to generate traffic. You can include a link to your content upgrade in the description box.

Then, write a blog article about your recent Facebook Live and use relevant keywords. You should also insert the YouTube video in your blog post. You can also create graphics relevant to your recent Facebook Live and post it on social media. Include in the caption the link to the article.

6. Mention an Influencer in Your Blog Post

Mention an influencer in your blog post and let them know ahead of time. See if they’re willing to share something for your article. If not, quote them from an interview or an editorial. Just make sure to cite the source.

Once you’ve posted your blog on your website, share it on your social media channels. Don’t forget to tag the influencer. Hopefully, they’ll share your content with their followers.

But this shouldn’t be a one-time thing. You need to develop a relationship with influencers and relevant bloggers. Send them PR packages or free samples and create exclusive promo codes their followers can use. It will help expand your audience reach and increase your following.

7. Make Sure Your Content is Easy to Share

Make sure your content is easy to share by adding social media buttons in critical places. Here are some tips to help you do this:

  • Use Click to Tweet to easily share quotable snippets from your blog posts.
  • Add a Pin it button to infographics and images you produce for your post.
  • Use Image Sharer on your images.

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Final Words on How Do You Start Creating Content?

Nowadays, the barrier to entry when it comes to creating content is extremely low. If you have a website and social media accounts, all you need is a little time for writing and a phone with a camera.

Learning which types of content resonates with your target audience takes time, trial, and error. So, simply commit yourself to create authentic content and see what sticks! You’ll quickly learn what works best and be able to churn out even more creative pieces!

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