ContactOut Review: Is ContactOut a Good Investment?


contactout review

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ContactOut Review! The email remains a very important tool in the world of business and online marketing. Email marketing simply is one of the best ways to drive traffic and generate sales out there, but no email marketing campaign can be successful if the contact is not able to receive your message.

There are many reasons why your emails cannot be delivered to your contacts; most commonly, though, this is due to the fact that you simply do not have their email address.

Finding email addresses can be quite tricky and, fortunately, there are plenty of email search tools that can help make this task easier for you. One of these is ContactOut, a tool that can find the contact details of anyone with a LinkedIn profile.

ContactOut Review

What Is ContactOut?

ContactOut is a Google Chrome extension that basically finds anyone’s email address and other contact information. What this tool does is that it adds an overlay to LinkedIn and Github. Clicking on the extension while viewing your prospect’s LinkedIn or Github profile will reveal their email addresses, phone numbers, and social media accounts. 

contact out review

ContactOut’s Features

ContactOut has four primary features, and these are as follows:

  • Chrome extension. The extension works on any LinkedIn or GitHub profile pages, providing your with your prospects’ email addresses, phone numbers, and social media accounts. On the occasion that none of these are available, the extension features a search function that finds you your prospect’s work email address. 
  • Dashboard. This is where all of your saved leads go. The dashboard has features that organize your prospects into folders that you can then share with the relevant members of your team. It also lets you export your leads to CSV or ATS files. 
  • Email search portal. This feature lets you find prospects and their respective contact information. This is particularly useful if you are looking for someone who has no accounts on LinkedIn or GitHub. It also helps that you can use this search engine for an unlimited number of times. 
  • Mail Merge. This is ContactOut’s email marketing campaign feature, and it lets you send your emails in bulk using a customizable template with equally customizable fields. You will need to connect this feature to your Gmail or Outlook account for you to be able to use it, however. 

What Are the Advantages of Using ContactOut?

One thing that ContactOut prides itself on is the accuracy of its search results. This is thanks to the sheer volume of email addresses in its database that holds what amounts to 85% of the email addresses of the western world. As such, expect to find accurate email search results if you are looking up people from the United States or the European Union. 

Another advantage that ContactOut has over its competitors is the fact that it finds not only people’s business or work email addresses but also their personal email addresses.

This is very useful if you are looking to recruit someone who is already working for another company, as contacting them via their work email addresses is seen as unprofessional and can potentially offend the business that they are currently working for.

Another benefit to this is that it lets you get past email bots and spam filters, allowing you to deliver your email straight to your contact’s inbox. This is especially advantageous if you are looking to reach out to B2B leads or want to get to the right decision-makers that can help you achieve your goals. 

Are There Any Cons, Though?

Now, ContactOut certainly is not a perfect tool. There are times that it can fetch you bad or outdated email addresses, as some people are not able to update their email addresses in their social media platforms. Furthermore, it’s not exactly that effective if you are looking up prospects based in countries outside of the US and the EU.

Also, the fact that ContactOut is an extension means that, while it is easy to use, its position in your browser is not exactly ergonomic.  

How Much Does It Cost?

Unfortunately, ContactOut’s website does not provide any price points that can enlighten us on the product’s costs. You will have to schedule a meeting with the company if you are to know how much a subscription costs for your organization. The cost typically depends on your company’s size and its data requirements. If you simply want to try this tool, though, you can avail of a one-month trial account for free. 

Is ContactOut Worth It?

Depending on your organization, ContactOut can be quite expensive but it definitely is worth your money. Whether you are looking for new talent to add to your roster or are simply looking to reach out to people who can help your business reach its goals, ContactOut makes finding email addresses a rather effortless affair, making this tool one that you should be keeping in your browser’s extension bar.

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