Contact Online Casino Customer Support in Case of Denied Access to Pokies


Contact Online Casino Customer Support

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Australian gamblers are huge fans of pokies despite the illegal status of gambling in the country. They find the way to access the best Aussie online casinos by checking the available options at and other gambling platforms. This trend has become even more noticeable during the pandemic as more and more Australians decided to spend some time online.

In March 2020, AU gamblers couldn’t access gambling facilities due to the strict restrictions. They couldn’t access their favorite pokies, which caused a lot of dissatisfaction in the gambling community. The situation got even worse for Australians suffering from gambling addiction. Fortunately, the Australian government realized the problem by trying to smooth the edges as much as possible. Centacare’s online casino customer support was launched for the good of the gambling community.

When gaming rooms were closed due to the pandemic, gamblers turned to other methods of betting. Some of them needed help with setting up their online gaming accounts. They started calling Centacare thinking that local experts can help them with gambling guidelines. Well, they didn’t know that the gambling hotline was actually intended for people looking for help from problem gambling.

Some people focus their time on gambling, while others start trying out alternative forms of entertainment. But the demand for gambling activities remains pretty high. For example, Mount Isa gamblers spend almost $70,000 per day through electronic gambling machines. Land-based gaming rooms have demonstrated a loss of $8 million in revenue recently.

By referring to gambling online casino customer support, Australians can get adequate help in their addiction. They might get the addresses of psychiatrists and other specialists helping people deal with gambling addiction problems.

Bernard Gillic, the CEO of Mount Isa Irish Club, said that the gambling community might have fewer funds to put back in the community because of the pandemic. All of their revenues supposedly go to the Australian community. So, they are always giving out money to online casino customer support and other social initiatives to remind everyone of the initial nature of intentions.

Online gambling gets a lot of bad press, mainly because some people have a problem with it. Mr. Gillic expressed certain concerns associated with unregulated online gambling operations. To minimize the risks, Mount Isa Irish Club is equipped with six gaming rooms providing helpline services. This way, gamblers, their families and friends can get the maximum benefits from professional assistance and high-level confidentiality. Eventually, more and more companies may establish the same services.

If you do some gambling activities online, you should be careful with illegal sites. Many of them operate illegally, increasing the risk of losing your money. They will not give you the same customer protection as a licensed gambling resource. This is something online gamblers often forget while starting their gambling activities. How to find a reliable gambling site? You can always conduct your own research on the Internet. Or you can check out the options given at OnlineCasinoAussie.

Many gambling sites like Australian casinos that accept Paysafe operate in countries where gambling legislation offers little protection to gamblers. Even in countries where better protection is provided, pursuing a complaint from Australia can be difficult and quite costly.

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