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Pradeep Beniwal is a Blogger, Entrepreneur and the man behind bloggersutra. He started in Nov 2016 with an aim to help beginners to start their own WordPress blog and earn some extra online income from their blog.

He posts articles related to wordpress, blogging, SEO, money making, WordPress security, WordPress themes & WordPress plugins on his blog with a sole aim to help his readers to start their own blog without many challenges that he has faced while starting his own blog.

Apart from writing educational articles on his blog, he is also helping his readers personally by emails and Skype. The entire aim to start is to educate people and help them avoid mistakes that he had done while learning about blogging.

Many people start their own blogs and websites but not all of them becomes a successful blogger. It is not that you can’t become a successful blogger but the lack of knowledge and patience is the main reason for failure.

“Success dose’t comes as a gift, You have to work hard with a clear goal”

This article is written to motivate people who have failed to become a successful blogger due to any reason. Not everyone is gifted with the blogging knowledge, it is their hard work and continuous endeavor to gain knowledge which helped them in their success.

He had tried his hands in lots of website developments and blogs but always failed to get the organic traffic to his blog from google search engine. A person always learns from his mistakes and that is what Pradeep Beniwal had done.

Now he is writing these post to help people to avoid the similar mistakes that he had done in his blogging journey. Then finally he decided to help bloggers to start their own blog and become a successful blogger.

Pradeep Beniwal

Pradeep Beniwal has done his schooling and engineering from Goa ( State in India). He is Electronic and Telecommunication engineering graduate passed out from RIEIT engineering college Goa in the year 2007.

He has worked as software engineer in Chennai as an ABAP programmer in SAP software. It was the first he designed his first website in the year 2007 before he joined as a software engineer. was a huge failure due to the lack of knowledge and predefined goal. What Pradeep Beniwal had to say about his failure in failure.

I had heard a lot that people make a lot of money online on their website. With that, the aim of saramasala was started. As the name suggests the website was not designed with a specific aim and contains information related to all the topics. It was not planned and not even search engine optimized due to no knowledge about SEO. Finally, saramasala was a huge failure.

After the failure of Pradeep Beniwal took out his hands away from the website designing. He had joined his software engineer job in Chennai and was working as a full-time ABAP programmer.

How Bloggersutra Came in Existence

While working as a software engineer for few years he always had a though at the back of his mind about starting his own website again that he had left behind due to failure. As his hobby or part-time he started many websites as a web designer and developer on PHP & MySql.

All these websites were also a failure as he was not concentrating on the most important thing in website development and that is SEO & How does it work.

Starting a website is not a big task but regularly updating the content that is loved by users and search engine is important. You can hire a web designer for as cheap as $100 and develop your own website.

The most important part is to choose the niche for your website and selecting the domain name relevant to the content of your website. It helps to improve the search engine ranking of your website and people always tend to remember the good domain name.

After trying hands on lots of websites he had gained lots of knowledge & experience in this field. But till this time he had almost taken 4 years in the overall process of self-learning.

After gaining knowledge in this field with all tried and tested ways to become a successful webmaster he finally thought of starting his own blog and write articles for helping the beginners to start their own blog. This is how the came into existence.

Why Name Bloggersutra

Selecting a domain name that suits the content of your website is a difficult job. You must keep in mind few basic things before selecting the domain name for your website.

As the name bloggersutra means ( blogger means people who blogs and sutra means a rule). Thus the name bloggersutra was kept for providing rules of blogging to beginners and making them a successful blogger.

Bloggersutra was first hosted on and even till now Pradeep Beniwal suggests all the beginners start their first website with Bluehost.

As a bloggersutra reader, you will get a huge discount for hosting your website with

What Bloggersutra is all about

As it is mentioned before bloggersutra was started to help beginners to start their own WordPress website from scratch and finally take them to the professional level of blogging.

Bloggersutra is providing the valued information about the WordPress content management system focusing WordPress themes, plugins, news, how-to’s, as well as the site is covering the variety of topics including SEO, Marketing and writing tips for the bloggers.

They are analyzing the issues for the beginner WordPress developers as well as the tips and tricks about the issues which will be helpful for the visitors. The articles written on bloggersutra are after the self-experiencing of the importance of the article. They are written in a very simple way that even a starter will also get hold of the topic.

It is totally dedicated to helping you to start your blogging experience with WordPress and does not cover any other platforms apart from the introduction to various blogging platforms.

They are also providing the Adsense approval tricks to open a fully functional Adsense account and various Adsense alternatives including affiliate marketing to monetize your website till the time Adsense account is not approved.

The last part is about the money-making from the blog. Almost all the techniques for online money-making is covered in bloggersutra and they also update them frequently.

Future Plans With Bloggersutra

Pradeep Beniwal has been helping the beginners to start their own WordPress blog and become their own boss. They can choose to blog as their carrier as many of the bloggers including me have chosen it.

Bloggersutra will keep working on the same model and keep on introducing the latest updates and changes to the suggestion of its readers. They are having the fastest-growing subscriber base. You can also subscribe to bloggersutra from the subscription box at the top right sidebar.

They are affiliated with service providers offering great services related to WordPress plugins and themes which come to great help while starting a blog. All these third-party services offered on bloggersutra is tried and tested by Pradeep Beniwal himself before offering it to its readers.

Advice For People Who Want to Start Blogging?

Start right away: A lot of people who want to start a blog wait for the right time and a perfect formula. My advice for such people is: start right away. There is no right time for starting anything new. Once you start, you will keep moving.

Learn and Practice: Learning is a continuous process, but one should spend 3 months learning about SEO, social media marketing, and branding. These three things will take you places. I’m assuming you are a prolific writer. Do remember, we are living in a world where information changes with the snap of a finger. To stay ahead in this era, you need to be constantly in the know of the latest news in your field.

Final Words

It is great to know Pradeep Beniwal, the founder of who is dedicated to helping beginners.

His experience in the field of blogging & digital marketing will definitely help its readers to be a successful blogger. We recommend you to subscribe to bloggersutra and gain the knowledge on blogging.

If you have any suggestions or want us to introduce more categories then please comment on this post. If you want to write the guest posts on bloggersutra then please contact us.

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